Not Your Grandmother's Market Research

Third Wave Research helps e-commerce and SaaS companies understand their customers and make marketing & product decisions grounded in research.

What We Do

Modern Customer Insights

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Find Your Product-Market Fit

Using a range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, we help clients figure out who their target customers are and how to reach and convert them. We have a particular specialty in pricing research, and we also help businesses determine the value propositions and marketing strategies to attract high-value customers.

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Uncover & Evaluate New Opportunities

Whether through exploratory research or evaluating and sizing of specific concepts, we help interpret the opportunity space for new ideas and assess the potential for impact with unique products and services.

How we're different

We decipher digital customer behavior

We have research expertise that spans domains and industries (with a soft spot for mission-driven startups).

But what sets us apart is our uncanny ability to understand customer behavior. We use it to unearth powerful insights that drive business growth.

Our starting point is your expertise

We know we're only as good as our ability to grasp your unique business challenges and customer needs.

We move quickly, but understanding your context is core to our process. The result is insights that are deeply relevant and immediately actionable.

100-slide report decks make us cringe

We don't have time to waste and we suspect you don't either.

We thoroughly analyze our data, but we also do the work to synthesize our findings into a concise narrative, so you don't spend precious hours hunting for a story amid heaps of charts. 

Build Loyalty & Engagement

With expertise in both customer experience and user experience research methods, we help clients understand how and where to take action to drive growth. We employ a wide array of techniques to evaluate clients' existing customer experience, identify drivers of loyalty and usage, and uncover pain points along the customer journey.

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